Say hi to the design-led interior business, pioneering minimal, yet maximising digital

We caught up with the uber-talented Emily Mayne who founded Someday Designs. She talks to us about being invited to No.10 Downing Street, and why her business would have benefited from an Entrepreneur ISA and a Small Business Savings Allowance.

Whatever your business idea is, make sure you are passionate about it and know your brand values


Tell us what Someday Designs is and what your business offers?

Someday Designs is a design-led online interior and lifestyle store. We are pioneers of modern, minimal living with a beautiful collection of relaxed, understated furniture and homewares.  Each item is selected for its timelessness, quality and usability. Beautiful pieces which are equally valued for their functionality and are built around a design that will last.

Working as a design collective we are both collaborators and makers. We support and work with emerging and renowned British and Scandinavian designers, as well as crafting our own in-house collections.

What was it that inspired you to set-up your own business?

For the last 15 years, I have worked in the design and interiors industry as a retail buyer specialising in furniture and lighting for well-known department stores in the UK.  In 2012, I took the opportunity to have a two-year sabbatical, working in Australia as a retail and design consultant for a number of interior boutiques and brands. I've always had the ambition to set-up my own business, but felt too nervous to take the leap of faith required. I was totally inspired during my sabbatical - working with individuals who had an idea or passion. Building this into a business gave me invaluable experience and confidence to do it myself.

Do you think an Entrepreneur ISA and a Small Business Savings Allowance would have helped aid your company’s growth in the early stages?

Yes absolutely! I’ve launched the brand on a very lean model and currently using our life savings, which is scary!  Having a pot to use as a buffer to put towards stock, branding and as a contingency to dip into would be very beneficial and undoubtedly help us to grow faster.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced so far?

Trying to not overthink everything and accepting that tasks can take longer as you don't have a dedicated team to rely on. Learning to pace yourself and being extremely resourceful is really important.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Whatever your business idea is, make sure you are passionate about it and know your brand values but build in flexibility within your model, allowing you to change and adapt as the business grows.

It's really important to reach out to people and ask for help (something I'm still trying to improve on!) You can't do it all and whether it's asking a trusted friend's opinion or a local business owner for advice or mentorship - building relationships is key. And as a start-up, it's essential to get people on board who believe in your potential and support what you do.

What is your proudest achievement to date as a company?

I was recently invited to No.10 Downing Street to meet with the PM’s business advisor to discuss how the Government can support female founders to ensure our success.  It was a huge honour and a very memorable experience!

Emily Mayne is the founder of Someday Designs

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