Say cheers to the tasty bar snacks designed to match your tipple

Daniel Featherstone, founder of Made For Drink, talks to us about how he came up with the idea of creating premium bar snacks that pair mouth-wateringly with a drink.

Starting a business is a journey, not a destination. Be prepared for the highs and lows that will inevitably come along.


Tell us what your business is/what your business offers?

Made For Drink was inspired by different drinking cultures around the world. We make intensely delicious bar snacks that pair beautifully with a drink.

We have two award-winning products in market at this stage: Duck Fritons (crispy morsels of free range duck skin, made for a glass of IPA) and Chorizo Thins (slices of authentic Spanish Chorizo gently roasted until crisp, made for a glass of Rioja) and we’re working on more product ranges in the background and hope to launch in the very near future.


What was it that inspired you to set-up your own business?

I started Made For Drink in May 2016, but the idea came a couple of years before.

Quite simply I recognised the change that had happened in our pubs, bars and hotels across the UK. Just think about it; you walk into any decent pub and the craft beers, premium spirits and interesting wines on offer are boundless, all presented beautifully and served by somebody who really cares about their craft and profession. 

But when it came to snacks, why was there still just a pack of dusty crisps served from a cut out cardboard box? Don't get me wrong, two pints of lager and a packet of crisps is a fail-safe combo, but sometimes you just want something a bit more special.

To cut a long story short, I thought if I were to look at different drinking cultures across the globe I could find a rich world of tasty inspiration to tap into. If I could then learn how to make them, package them up beautifully and serve them up behind a bar, then I had the beginning of something that made me excited about the future.


Do you think an Entrepreneur ISA and a Small Business Savings Allowance would have helped aid your company’s growth in the early stages?

Massively – it’s unreal that it doesn’t exist. I could spend along time talking about this but its just such a simple solution for so many reasons that prevent business getting started and off the ground.


What have been the biggest challenges you have faced so far?

Starting a business is a journey, not a destination. Be prepared for the highs and lows that will inevitably come along. Some of the greatest lessons come when the lows come along, so don’t get discouraged, embrace it and learn as much as you can. Also be cautious to not to get carried away when things seem to be running along smoothly. Never take your eye off the prize. Money is always important. It’s the route to expansion and growth and when you’re starting out, there’s not usually much of it. Research what’s available. Grow at your pace. Invest wisely.


What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Be very clear on your end vision before anything else. Take action and just do it. Surround yourself with good, supportive and loving people.


What is your proudest achievement to date as a company?

My first ever order (The Purchase Order is stuck to the wall next to my desk). This acts as a reminder to me just how far we’ve come. When the chips are down, this picks me back up again!

Daniel Featherstone is the founder of Made For Drink.

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